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Danish Bakery is a well-known and established bakery that has been around Kuwait for years, dedicated to giving you the best home cooked tasting food, with natural ingredients that’s delicious. Over the years with the competition increase in the market sales decreased and they where ready to grow and expand.


  • Brand Identity
  • Product Development
  • Staff Training
  • Digital Marketing


Danish Bakery had an idea of where they wanted to go, but Pencilvent helped to breathe life into Danish Bakery through uniformity of their identity design, a custom theme, and advanced brand strategy. The goal was to give the consumer a consistent, exciting & memorable experience.


We saw drastic results in increased store footfall, which increased sales. The digital marketing created a higher awareness of the brand with more out reach, & brand loyalty increased with the Identity, driving traffic to the call center & delivery traffic.



The main reason for our first meeting was a leveling off in the customer department. They were known and loved, but apart from the steadfast customer base, they were finding it difficult to boost sales consistently. They wanted more, both for the bakery and for their customers. 

They wanted to give returning and new customers consistently exciting and memorable experiences.

Now a long time client with us, Danish Bakery was a neighborhood institution that over the years had built a slow and steady following of dedicated customers. They came for the variety of offerings, but they stayed for the feel and understanding that this bakery was a slice of home in its absence.

Keeping our goals in mind, we immediately began work on a brand identity revamp. We decided, as a team, that it was best to start from the top and work our way down through each moving part. We brightened the brand up, modernizing the feel and sense of it, molding it to reveal itself to be as welcoming as people felt it was and then having the website reflect these changes.

Danish Bakery Kuwait

We then waded into product development, keeping items that customers loved and adding new ones that had gained in popularity since the inception of Danish Bakery. We followed it up with staff training to update them and build awareness on the hopeful arrival of new clientele. The entire revamp was topped off with a sturdy and focused digital campaign designed to turn heads and emphasize curiosity in the mind of our potential target audience.


We were about as delighted as our client when we noticed, almost immediately with the launch of the revamp campaign, a major and noticeable increase in footfall. The bolstered footfall translated into increased sales and we noticed an online conversation happening on social media that described an overall raising of brand awareness and loyalty. This drove traffic to the call center and home deliveries increased as a result.

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