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A top leading Insurance Company in Kuwait, Gulf Insurance was established in 1962 & is amongst the largest and most diversified insurance groups in the Middle East and North Africa region. Gulf Insurance Group is one of the leading private insurers with a strong competitive market position in Kuwait. The issue GIG was facing is that insurance in not well understood in Kuwait and not applicable by law to have insurance.


  • Digital Presence
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecosystem Strategy
  • Creative TV Ad
  • Local Language on All Channels
  • Identity Rebranding


People are willing to buy if only they understood the benefits of having different kinds of insurance for one's self or family.


The Results where phenomenal, people had understood what insurance was and wanted to know more about it, while gaining trust from our customers, we received higher calls to action, with an increase of insurance contracts, the need for insurance from the awareness increased, which ultimately lead to an increased market share.





An established and leading insurance group, Gulf Insurance Company, is one of the most diversified insurance groups in the Middle East and North Africa. They are private insurers with a competitive position in the kuwait market. They were established in 1962 and continue to expand as the market allows. 

What problems they faced came down to 2 things. 
One was that insurance was not mandatory, so the population was not obliged to have it, the other was that the benefits were not understood to be valuable to the beneficiaries who purchased it. 
So why have it if you don’t have to have it, and why buy it if you didn’t have all the information to know how valuable it is in times of crisis?

We campaigned to provide relevant information and increase clarity in the usefulness of insurance to those citizens who do not have it. 
We quickly learned the citizens without insurance are willing to purchase insurance if the benefits, long and short term, were laid out before them in a way that they were able to process immediately. Once this was achieved, they were more than willing to add insurance costs for themselves and their family. And as a result, wanted to know more about what other types of insurance could be beneficial to them and their family. 

We decided then on this basis that we would begin work on a holistic marketing campaign that blanketed the country with a wealth of information on how gig can and will help you prepare for the future welfare of kuwaiti families. 
The campaign included a new digital presence with marketing, a creative TV ad broadcast in kuwaiti that aired on all channels that would reach our audience. And finally, an identity rebrand to separate them from the outdated look and feel of other insurance providers. 


In short, education meant conversions. It meant a willingness to buy. It meant a 15% market share increase in the span of a single quarter (4 months) of business. 
The gig results were phenomenal any way you cut it. Their market share received a wild boost, calls to action increased. Insurance contracts increased. Overall awareness skyrocketed, which in turn brought it all together for gig. 
When you are able to triple you annual market share goal in four months, you know you are on the right path to success as a company. 
For any advertising agency, watching your work take off for your client is the best reward in the world. 

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