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Khaneen is a well known Kuwaiti restaurant with great local food cooked by a well known Kuwaiti chef, however the customer base was all 45+ meaning that a huge customer base was missing out on all sales, the age group of 18-45 was missing in which we needed to target.


  • Logo Revamp
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Repositioning
  • Digital Presence
  • Digital & Traditional Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Location Expansion


The age range we wanted to target had a passion for eating Kuwaiti home cooked mean however didn’t know about Khaneen as a restaurant however knew of other Kuwaiti competitors.


Our marketing experts identified areas of opportunity creating a creative new direction with a 30% increase of sales in store & delivery. We now had a new customer base data with a high brand recognition.



A restaurant of renown in Kuwait famous and loved for its faithful renditions of classic Kuwaiti cooking. Also revered for its excellent head chef, a local star, who places an emphasis on creating Kuwaiti dishes in the manner that is historically accurate and overwhelmingly pleasing to the diner’s palate.



They had a sturdy customer base who had been loyal to their dining model for years. These were affluent, local customers in the 45+ and over crowd. This was great for the restaurant but also meant they were missing out on a huge potential segment. Mainly young kuwaitis in the 18-38 range who were now either eating home cooked meals at home when it was available to them, or mostly eating out at western style fast food places that did not reflect their culinary heritage.

We knew from past research that Kuwaitis love the dishes that they grew up with, but why did they choose to go elsewhere when they weren’t at home?  

We were looking to find the answer to that question.

We knew from our research that there was no issue in the food or its presentation. People who showed up and were served meals always went away feeling full and satisfied. They wanted to return. They liked having a meal like home away from home at their convenience. What we started work on was a logo revamp. We brought it forward to entice a new, younger clientele without pushing away the diehards that had built the institution in the first place.

We re-positioned, we gave them a digital presence with a backing of digital marketing to speak directly to the consumers we were trying to entice.

And finally, we pushed for a location expansion into areas these same potential clients frequented. We went out. We looked for them. We asked them, with information and branding and awareness, to make a different decision this time when they were out and hungry and looking for a bite to eat.

It turned out that the people of all ages did still yearn for Kuwaiti home style cuisine, they just needed to know it was still around for them to enjoy.


What we were able to achieve was a hard won 30% increase in sales over the first six months. Word of mouth got around. New customers began to flood the venues and new research suggested that this new customer base, which was still increasing, came away from the table with a high brand recognition.


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