April 30, 2021

3 Digital Marketing Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

by Pencilvent

2021, much like 2020, has seen many changes throughout the world, and this is no different in digital marketing trends. Today, digital marketing agencies are focusing on addressing human issues through tailored content suited for individuals for more personal engagement. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency needs to revolve around technical and mechanical optimisation, such as fine-tuning SEO efforts and structuring campaigns to satisfy a customer's online journey from the backend.


Here are the three online trends a digital agency can support you in 2021 and beyond.




One of the hottest digital marketing trends is putting efforts on front-page headlines that puts a spotlight on inclusivity. Younger audiences and marginalised groups are craving more inclusive depictions of equality in the content they consume customised to their needs.


This is where a digital marketing agency comes in. These agencies need to cover media and subject matters that touch on race, sexuality, religion, disabilities and other forms of representation in the content they produce on behalf of brands and organisations. A digital marketing agency can tailor these to meet your target audience’s pain points from the visual perspective and topics covered on social media and blogs to products offered.


Meeting Featured Snippets And No-click Searches


SEO’s primary goal has always been to increase your ranking to the number one spot of search engines results. However, today's ultimate goal is shifting towards SEO visibility in a more "position zero" placement.


Position zero is a Google featured snippet principal in relation to SEO. This feature is separated by a small box located at the top in search result entries. What's more, you will. Find more relevant information aimed at answering search questions without the need to click on it.


Louder And More Proud Sustainability


The digital agency you go with can further work on maximising your passion for environmentalism. This is because more people are also plugging into becoming more sustainable, and they also look to brands that also tap into showing environmental concerns.


A digital marketing agency can help communicate sustainability through tailoring your branding and content that consumers, especially the younger groups, take in so that environmentalism works with your branding. The use of eco-friendly banners or touching on environmental issues in blogs or social media posts is one way.


There are many more efforts that a digital marketing agency can provide help with, such as using images and video SEO in visual searches and including interactive content like quizzes, polls and contests that are relevant and pull on the engagement string.


At Pencilvent, our digital marketing agency works to enforce current and future digital marketing trends to help our clients meet their audience’s needs. For tailored services, get in touch with us.