Dec. 17, 2020

Are Companies Becoming Complacent About The Brand Experience?

by Pencilvent

It seems there was an original flurry to get digitally prepared and then business, COVID and life happened. The focus seems to have, unfortunately, started drifting dangerously toward short term sales and ignoring brand experience management and the interlinked social media marketing management.

With long views kicked to the curb, how do businesses expect to reach economic sustainability in the long term? Apple is a brilliant example of brand innovation, but they have been strongly criticized for brand experience.


Nov. 12, 2019

A Complete Guide On Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

by Yasmin Sulaiman

People have been hard at searching for strategies that can help them effectively in social media promotions, especially for small businesses. To eliminate those hard search works for finding the best social media strategies, here we are giving a complete solution for an effective social media posting for your overall business promotion on social media. This guide is applied by almost every agency for social media marketing in Kuwait.