Nov. 16, 2020

Want Faster Online Growth? Here’s Why You Should Use A Digital Marketing Agency

by Sajjad Naveed

If you are wondering whether it is worth the spend to use a digital marketing agency, then let’s help you understand the value that is brought to the relationship. It is an investment, and it is one that delivers good returns on that investment.
These are what we believe to be the top reasons for partnering with a digital marketing agency in Kuwait.  


Markets, marketing and methodologies are changing all the time, and it will take an enormous investment of time on your part to keep up to date with:

-    All the trends that are relevant to your business
-    Tracking algorithm updates which are launched at non prescribed times
-    New strategies for new platforms or adjusted to changes on existing platforms


Unless you are a career professional, specifically in digital marketing, you will drop the ball on these. 
There are a myriad different and complex elements to digital marketing; it’s not simply a few posts on a few social media platforms. Digital marketing strategy has an enormous depth which reaches down into the fundamentals of a business plan as well as breadth across the business pillars.

The core purpose of agency professionals is to be reading markets, which means seeing trends and keeping their clients appropriately aligned. A lot of time and resources are invested by the marketing professionals in learning and growing and being market visionaries.

They supply you with those learnings and help you shape the most effective strategy for every dinar spent.


Unless you are a marketing company yourself, you shouldn’t have a fully-fledged marketing team on your payroll. They will not get the cross-market experience required to keep them appropriately up to date. They will also have limited career growth opportunities as it is not a department that you will be focused on growing. Their costs will not fluctuate as you might want to do with a marketing strategy.

By outsourcing, you can have a few core executives inhouse, and you can add on or remove the marketing expertise as the demands of each marketing campaign differ, e.g. social media specialist, SEO specialist, paid ads specialist, UX specialist and the long list continues.

Business Growth

Outsourcing means that you focus on your core business, your core products and the endless list of business demands required of a business owner. If you have a large in-house marketing department, it is going to need some of your attention which could otherwise be focused on customer service, for example.

Specialized Tools

The digital marketing industry is complex, as we said earlier, and to manage this complexity, there have been some profound tools developed. These tools collate big data and help digital marketing companies in Kuwait with critical analysis and agile strategizing. The data supplies incredibly important information on your customers’ behavior, your presence in the market, your product-market penetration etc.

These tools are complex, large and expensive. You will have to spend time assessing each tool and its appropriateness for your current marketing requirements. Each facet of digital marketing needs a different tool. It does not make economic sense for a non-marketing company to own them.

As it is the lifeblood of a digital agency and as they can amortize it over several clients, it makes sense for them to own them.


When a business owner does marketing, it is easy for the audience to see that as the results are never as professional or as competent as that achieved by an agency. You are too close to the business, too emotionally involved to be able to see the needs of the client objectively versus your love of your products.

An agency will respectfully assess what is and what is not meeting the needs of your target audience. It may even result in product improvement.

It can be nerve wracking for some owners to hand over the controls, but just because you build a mean racing car, it doesn’t mean you are the best person to drive it.


We hope you can see the huge value, the huge time saving, and the huge returns on investment that you will get by using a professional. Meet with a few agencies and find the one that resonates best with you and clicks with your business’s culture.
At Pencilvent, we want to make your online presence grow in Kuwait and internationally. Our professional digital marketing agency in Kuwait can drive huge growth and set your mind at ease with our accountable work ethics. 


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