Nov. 5, 2020

Want Fresher Social Media Posts And More Followers? Here’s How

by Pencilvent

Every social media guru and their cousin is always chanting: Post high-quality content regularly. But who owns this miracle Elixir of Quality Content? No-one does, but we can give you some powerful tips and guidance which will inspire and help you with your Social Media Marketing in Kuwait.

A quick reminder of the basics: your posts must be regular at an expected time, they must be too far apart time-wise, they must be applicable to your followers’ interests, and they must be eye-catching. It’s not about you standing on a corner once in a while with a brass band and stack of speakers blasting out your message. It’s a gentle, ongoing chat with your audience, without lulling them to sleep.

The use of images in social media is extremely powerful, as well as videos. We are focusing on images today. A picture can say so many things without the restriction of a one person’s words, i.e. the viewer can develop their own rhetoric. They capture a moment in time which your audience uses to weave their tale into.

Why Is Fresh Content Important

You could replace the word ‘content’ with many different words, e.g. fashion, music, menus etc. It is to stop ‘jaded palette’ or, as Lianna Patch from calls it: “the hulking beast known as content fatigue rearing its ugly, super-boring head”. 

Fresh content engages followers, brings on new followers, stops the loss of follower and stops the loss of conversion rates.

You need to keep yourself in the forefront of the minds of your audience without overwhelming them.

Your audience will partially dictate how many times a day or week you can post to, for example, Instagram. Some brands have an audience that like 13 posts a day, others like six posts a day and some brands lose traffic if they post more than once. Experiment with the quantity of image posts and track the analytics.

Visual Style Guide

We all know about brand personality, so it makes sense that your posts be something that the brand’s personality would post. Don’t swing wildly between personality types.

Use the same filters, fonts, colorways etc. that your followers will identify as your brand. Place things in the images in the same way for each shot, e.g. words always on the left (or the right or the top or the bottom or across and so on), put your logo in the same place always, only use two items or five items per shot - the list goes on.

Every member of your team should know the style guide. That style should be consistent over multiple social networks. Consumers will give more time and consideration to brands that they follow on social media.

Use Data Analytics


It is almost pointless to be doing social media if you are not reading and strategizing based on the analytics dashboards that each channel provides you. 

You can ascertain the greatest success areas and build on those. This speeds up your success exponentially.

Tips For Fresh Social Media Images


Here are some helpful tips to guide you on how to use images to your maximum benefit in your Social Media Marketing in Kuwait:

Tip #1 - Use Images With Quotes On


People like inspiring words and, as we have already mentioned, they love images. The font is larger, the content is short and snappy, and the message is quick and helpful. What’s not to love? 

Tip #2 - Use Images For A Sale Or Contest


Instagram and TikTok are outdoing Facebook and Twitter with user numbers and are great places to sell or notify your fans of a sale event. The image can be a simple black and white with a red SALE word on it or a simple background image with some catchy phrasing from your talented copywriter about a seasonal sale or product-specific sale etc.


This also works for competitions you are running or give-away promotions. Free products definitely grow your audience, but you need to be careful that you still attract the target audience and not just free-be chasers.


Remember to be clear about the steps the audience need to take and definitely have terms and conditions referred to (and created).


Tip #3 - Use Images With A Testimonial On


Word of mouth references are gold so use client testimonials on all your platforms and channels. Get quality referrals from clients on your brand’s service, quality of goods, brand experience etc.


These will strengthen the loyalty of your followers and confirm to them that they have made the right choice.


Tip #4 - Use Images To Lead A Chat 


On all platforms, there is a character limit before an ellipse is inserted with a “read more” option. There is a risk people won’t click the “read more” and in Twitter there 140 characters, full stop.

You can get more said on the first view by having text on an image. You can make an announcement, ask a question, state the hashtag and then carry on the explanation in the regular text field.


Using an image that helps explain the topic ALSO is a great way to save on words and get the message across succinctly and effectively.


Tip #5 - Use Images For A Teaser Campaign


We all know about the two-week build-up period to a launch and what better way to get punchy teaser messages across than with an image containing words as well. 


The picture can have ‘misleading’ elements or a cropped element with a teasing question. People love a puzzle or a guessing game.


It doesn’t have to be busy, it can be a solid, white rectangle, with a hand reaching in from the side holding a diamond/other item and the words “Want one of these?”


Tip #6 - Use Images For A Headline


Just like a magazine often has a leading picture at the top of a page with a headline in it, that can also be done social media. It is a very popular method on Pinterest and Instagram (business accounts).


Choose a relevant pic, put an opaque, monochromatic rectangle on it, type your header within the boundary of the rectangle, so your text makes a powerful impact. Now your audience can quickly see there’s an article connected and the topic.


At Pencilvent, we want to make your customers engage, enjoy and stay longer. Our professional digital marketing agency in Kuwait can freshen up your social media and attract more ideal customers. 


Contact our creative, effective team at Pencilvent today and start your eye-catching Social Media Marketing journey in Kuwait. Let your online voice be heard!